Custom forged wheels: Product Technical Analysis

Custom forged wheels: Product Technical Analysis

High-quality wheels are a guarantee of safety for you as a driver and passengers of your car. How many accidents and other traffic accidents happen due to improper selection of components and other important car parts. The most annoying thing is that sometimes out of error happens not through the fault of the supplier of parts and services in which you installed them. In 80% of the case, car owners themselves are to blame, who decided to save extra money and buy components from an unscrupulous manufacturer.

This reduces the quality of parts and mechanisms. In turn, this increases the risks during traffic, even if you maneuver as accurately as possible. Take care not only about the car but also to your health and the lives of your loved ones. Buy Bonaparte wheels - they will provide you 100% comfortable and safe driving.

Our products are thoroughly tested on all fronts. We will never put into production a single disc if it has not passed compliance with at least one of the significant parameters and has even a small deviation.

Before you go on sale and be in your use, all of our wheels undergo multistage testing in all respects. These are impact testing, fatigue testing, Dinamics Cornerins, and dynamic radial testing.

In the technical check of the wheels, we use a software system with a high level of automation. It integrates with the test results obtained. Then, the data obtained helps to predict fatigue failures, as well as significantly reduce the total design time and all the costs of casting wheels.


High-performance wheels: DINAMIC RADIAL FATIGUE TEST

This type of test is carried out to make sure that the wheels will hold well the desired level of pressure in the tire, depending on the level of load. The main goal of this test is to check how well the tire holds the air and make sure the reliability and strength of the entire structure.

Custom forged wheels test radial



When driving and parking maneuvers, a car often has to overcome an obstacle in the form of a curb. And the wheel should not let you down even when overcoming a higher curb. To do this, we conduct this test. It represents a certain imitation of the impact of the wheel and the curb.

 Custom forged wheels dynamics test


Forged alloy wheels: IMPACT TEST

Testing such a plan is necessary to verify the strength of the wheel when impacted with an external object. For example, with a border or any other side impact.

Custom forged wheels test radial Custom forged wheels impact test

Benefits of Technical custom forged motorsports wheels Analysis

As a confident manufacturer of high-quality wheels, we cannot afford not to test our products. Before it enters the market, we must be 100% sure that it meets the technological standard in all respects. Technical analysis has many advantages for such verification:

  • Firstly, technical analysis is the most reliable way to check all product parameters. We carry out the full cycle of tests provided by the rules. These tests allow us to claim that all our products are 100% consistent with the declared characteristics. And according to a recent study by German colleagues, it became known that 50-60% of the wheels on the market do not correspond to the indicated characteristics.
  • Secondly, technical analysis allows us to prevent the implementation of those samples that have not been tested and showed poor results. Therefore, all Bonaparte wheels that you purchase have already proven their quality at the testing stage.
  • Thirdly, technical testing helps us analyze the mistakes made (if the wheels did not pass the test) and make adjustments in production so that we get only high-quality wheels without any defects.

The economic benefit of the Client, quality, and safety of the product

High-performance wheels are distinguished by a higher price category than cast or stamped. But wheels are not a subject of economy. Their price is justified and fair. Among all the drives on the market, forged ones are the most reliable and safe. Reliability level is 30% higher than other types. Such discs will not crack upon impact and moreover will not break. The maximum that can happen to them is a deformation, which can be fixed independently or in the service.

In addition to being reliable, they also impact resistant. Bonaparte discs are made of metal with a fibrous structure. Thanks to this technology, the weight of the disc becomes 50% lighter, as the walls become thinner, but retain strength. By the way, and the lightweight of the disk allows you to save on fuel since its consumption becomes 15% more economical.

In addition to these advantages, it is worth highlighting one more thing: it is corrosion resistance. For example, stamped and alloy wheels simply cannot be used without additional varnish coating. And forged wheels will last you a long time without additional protection against the aggressive effects of corrosion.

Custom forged wheels: Additional technical advice

When you are determined to buy forged wheels, do not be afraid to overpay. This money justifies itself in the flawless operation of the wheels with all their advantages. If somewhere you meet a very cheap option forged wheels, then you know - this is a fake. This is a sufficient reason to refuse the purchase and opt for a trusted manufacturer like Bonaparte.

When you have already purchased forged wheels of high quality, do not forget to be attentive to the condition of the wheels throughout the entire period of operation. It is best to visit the service center 2 times a year and entrust the inspection to specialists. This will help you in time to notice any possible problems and quickly fix them.