TECH CENTER custom-designed wheels: HOW DOES IT WORK?

TECH CENTER custom designed wheels: HOW DOES IT WORK?

We are well aware that in connection with the purchase of high-performance rims you have a lot of questions. Our company is trying to provide you with a sufficiently large amount of information and be open to you. And all this to make it comfortable and easy for you to understand our product and find out all the details of the purchase.

In our business, any trifle is important. To buy the right wheel specification, you need to clarify all the details and highlights for yourself. By the time of the order you should have no doubt about the product and our company. To do this, we created a special section in which there are all the answers. Study it and find out everything that interests you about our company, production technology and products.

Our mission is to provide you with an excellent product that will create additional comfort and reliability when traveling by car. The road is always full of dangers and unpredictable situations with other road users. Our company is focused on your comfort and needs. Satisfied customers are our value. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, therefore our company is always glad to your questions and interest in our products.

Why do you need technical support center?

According to experts, more than 90% of customers turn for advice and assistance in choosing wheels, all aspects of operation and features of choosing a product directly for their car. Therefore, before you buy, you will understand all the technical points and be able to rely on facts and advice from specialists, we have a technical support center.

You do not need to rely on your intuition and logic and lose time in vain. For this, our company has experienced experts who will always help you solve the problem and make the right choice. You always have the opportunity to ask a question using a special form on our website. Also available for you is our email info@bonapartwheels.com, where you can send your question.

Custom designed wheels: Ordering

How do I purchase a set of Bonapart Wheels?

Bonapart makes wheels specially for your car. To place an order, you need to take a few simple steps.

To purchase from our company, you can choose the most suitable option:

  1. This is the company contact number:  +1 415 800 4494. You can discuss the details of the order with our specialist. He will surely tell you the best design options and wheel configurations and help you make your choice. Our specialist will advise you and help you choose the best option for your car.
  2. We have email address for your letters: info@bonapartwheels.com. We respond quickly to written applications. Provide us with your contact details, as well as write your wishes and requests for wheels. This will allow our specialist to do the work for you faster and better.
  3. A special form of appeal is also available for you on our website. You can fill out it and instantly receive feedback on your appeal.

How does the Bonapart wheel ordering process work?

The ordering process does not take you much time. You can place an order by phone +1 415 800 4494 or by writing to us a letter at info@bonapartwheels.com. Once you decide on the specification of the wheels and select the appropriate product specifications for your car, you will receive an invoice for payment. After paying for the purchase, we will quickly deliver to the destination.

What is the lead time for a set of Bonapart wheels?

We work all year round, therefore deliveries are made every season. As a rule, we deliver Bonapart wheels within 4, maximum 6 weeks. Quality is always in the first place. For such a short period of time, you will receive a high-tech product that will make your ride safer and more reliable in any traffic. That is why thousands of people around the world trust us and choose our company.

Do my wheels come with center caps? What center cap options do I have?

According to the standard, the milled central covers and valve stems are made in the same style with the main wheels. At your request, you can make the central caps in a different style. Do not forget to note this wish when placing an order. Also at your service is the OEM Lid Processing Center. What does it mean? We treat Bonaparte wheels in such a way that the center caps remain from your original wheels. Such a service will cost you $ 100, as this creates an additional wheel load.

Do my wheels come with valve stems?

Yes, it is. We produce out wheels with low profile valve stems. The rods themselves are made of stainless steel.

Manufacturing Bonapart custom forged rims

Where are Bonapart wheels manufactured?

The main high-tech production of our wheels is carried out at a modernized facility in Changhua, Taiwan. In the production process, our company uses the latest technological equipment: 2 forged presses weighing 10,000 tons each, more than 30 milling and turning machines, special machines for heat treatment and other equipment for finishing work.

What is the difference between a Bonapart monoblock wheel and a Bonapart modular (2-piece) wheel?

First of all, the modular and monoblock Bonapart wheels differ in design. The monoblock Bonaparte wheel is a one-piece piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. The modular wheel is made of two composite aluminum parts: this is the center and the barrel. Also characteristic of the modular type of wheels: here the central part of the wheel is attached to the flange using special stainless steel brackets.

How is concavity and/or lip size determined for my Bonapart wheel build? Can I pick what concavity and/or lip size I want?

We manufacture wheels following established standards. Therefore, we make the maximum edge size and concavity of the wheels, taking into account the characteristics to create a brake clearance (this is necessary for assembly). The width and offset of the wheels affect the size of the lips and their concavity.

In any case, we are open to dialogue to communicate with you!

Do Bonapart wheels only accept one type of lug nut/bolt seat?

No, not all. Since all Bonaparte wheels are made to order, we offer several options for handling saddles with eyelets. This is a 60-degree machining of tapered saddles and OEM processing of ball seats. Feel free to ask questions: we are always ready to answer you.

By the way, so that you can tell you what type of seats in your car - write to us info@bonapartwheels.com or fill out the contact form here.

High performance rims: Finishing

What finishing options do I have with a Bonapart monoblock wheel vs a Bonapart modular wheel?

Our company offers you a wide selection of coatings for every taste. These are opaque, opaque translucent, glossy and powder coatings. Monoblock wheels are machined only once. And 2pc modular wheels can be made in two treatments: one in the center and the other in the trunk. There are four finishes available for modular wheels: gold, black, titanium, black and stainless.

You can also make a lip polish. During the polishing process, barrels are always cleaned with a brush or black gloss.

Do you offer custom finishes? Can I finish my Bonapart wheels on my own?

We have no way to provide you with other finishes, but in manufacturing we use only variants we offer. You can process third-party our discs if you buy them raw. If you are interested, you can contact us by e-mail info@bonapartwheels.com or here, in the contact form.

Unfortunately, we do not carry out other types of finishes. If you still want to get another processing option that we don’t have, then try to buy raw discs from us and process our discs from another manufacturer. If you are interested, you can send us an email at info@bonapartwheels.com or fill out an application in a special contact form on the website.

Bonapart high performance rims: Warranty

Do Bonapart wheels carry a warranty?

All our wheels have an unlimited warranty on the design and one-year warranty. This is a much longer period than our competitors offer. This is our great advantage and also a significant plus for customers who receive a product with a longer service life. For more information, fill out the special form on our website or email us info@bonapartwheels.com.

In practice, this means that we, as a manufacturer, protect you from possible breakdowns and unforeseen problems. We provide free parts and accessories replacement if something goes wrong.

Bonapart wheel boutique: Media & Sponsorships

Do you offer Bonapart wheel sponsorships?

We do not provide sponsor services. However, if you are a representative of the media, then we are ready to consider sponsorship options with you. To do this, we need your offer, which will contain information about your car, all the changes that the car had. Also provide links to your social networks and official events that you plan to visit. We are ready to receive all sponsorship offers to our company info@bonapartwheels.com email address.

We cannot offer sponsorship services, unfortunately, but if you have an individual assembly and you are a media person, then we are happy to consider your proposal for possible sponsorship. This offer should be with information about your vehicle and the changes we have made, what events you are going to attend, your social networks. Specify all the details in your car that you want to change. Sponsorship offers can be emailed to us info@bonapartwheels.com

How do I submit photos of my vehicle for the Vehicle Gallery?

We sincerely hope for your understanding and support. You should be aware of that we cannot always post all photos of cars, although we want to. So that we can post photos of your car in our gallery, you will need to wait a few weeks.

Our gallery is regularly updated. We accept photos by email or here in the contact form. All pictures of your automobile must be at least 1800 pixels wide. Be sure that you send high-quality pictures with a clear image. When sending photos, please attach the most important information: model and finish of the wheels, basic characteristics of the wheel.

You may need to wait a couple of weeks for us to add your photos. We always get a large number of photos. Therefore, likely, your photo will not be published. Do not be discouraged if you did not see your photo in the gallery. We will try to publish it as soon as we have such a chance!