FT5 Step Lip Bonapart Forged wheels

FT5 SL Luxury Step Lip Concave wheels

Luxury Step Lip Concave has truly become the favorite of all motorists. Why did he get such attention? Firstly, because of the design. Surely, you know that the car must be beautiful. Yes, this is not its main function. But without beauty, it will be completely different. And in general, beauty is made up of small elements. For example, emphasis on rims. Both front and rear, as well as from all sides, the car takes on a completely different look.

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Imagine you don't have concave forged wheels yet. What does your car look like? Very usually not noticeable. He has no zest. And it urgently needs to be done. Our company has already done everything for you. You just have to choose your kit and install it. Believe us in words. This purchase will help you achieve your main goal.

These custom wheels are super strong. We made sure that they help you in any trials. Rain, snow. The wind is not a problem! Everything becomes insignificant when you are happy with the purchase. Try this new one! Surprise yourself with a successful purchase and a new thing for a car.

FT5 SL Luxury Step Lip Concave wheels: Specifications

  • Introducing a great model. At the heart of a 2-piece (center and rim).
  • Try to choose step lip concave wheels of different diameters: 18-22 inches.
  • We will choose the optimal width. Usually, 8 to 13 inches.
  • Step lip concave wheels have a special function as an addition. Management. You can select any type of option.

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