FT5 XC white&hina

FT5 Xtreme Concave (FT5 XC)

The FT5 Xtreme Concave sets the pace fast. Bonaparte never stands still and always thinks how to surprise you. Today we are ready to present this new generation model. She creates originality and shows a sense of taste of her master. What else does a car need, no matter how new cool rims? Especially when it is a disc with a concave profile.

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We can easily complete the exquisite form with a variety of colors. From the classics is neo-modern. And yet, the wheels of this configuration are a real beast. When you eat at high speed, it is important to maintain safety. Wheels resist any collisions. Therefore, 100% you will be under reliable protection.

The entire concave forged wheels’ design is wear resistant. Because high-grade aluminum provides greater resistance to external factors. All the benefits of the wheels will be yours. An incredible feeling of freedom, strength and speed!

FT5 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece configuration
  • Wheel diameter standard 18-22 inches
  • The rims width usually varies from 8 to 13 inches
  • Built-in ARP function. Depending on the specific FT5 Xtreme Concave kit, the option is open, hidden or mixed. (specify when ordering)

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