FT4 Performance Bonapart Forged wheels

FT4 Performance

FT4 Performance is gaining momentum every year. Of course, new configurations come out over time. But the classics will never go out of style. Especially when it comes to the original and bold design. These wheels create an image of success for you. We make each wheel in the author's technique.

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We use chiseled carvings, lines of different depths. All these details emphasize the perfect shape and original concave profile. It is this profile format that can update the external image of each car. Because such did they are able to change the overall impression.

Our company creates performance wheels because it is one of the coolest wheels. They withstand the most difficult and fastest ride. And high speed and sharp turns often create dangers along the way. Here you need to be sure of every action. A set of special strength discs made from an alloy of aircraft aluminum. Such rims pass all technical tests.

Therefore, they are good in terms of dynamics, rotation and shock resistance. In addition, the special forging of the wheels helps to extend their service life. That means you will rarely need to change a set of disks. Take plus of the wheels to your advantage!

FT4 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • This configuration has a 2-piece design
  • As a rule, the diameter of the wheels reaches 18-22 inches
  • FT4 Performance we produce with a width of 8 to 13 inches

Also, the wheels have a special hardware option. ARP can be of three types: 50/50, open and hidden

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