3D model wheels: Take a closer look

How can you visually see the model of these wheels? This is made possible by this visual model. Representation of a wheel in three-dimensional space helps you to be convinced of the quality and beauty of a product from all directions.

Click on the buttons to the left of the model to open the visualization in full screen.

FT4 Monoblock

FT4 Monoblock is one of the best versions of car rims. Trends in the automotive world are changing one by one. But this model will never go out of style. In the manufacture of these wheels, we have put quality first. We conducted a number of technical tests in all areas. Therefore, before you yourself are the strongest, most reliable rims.

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First of all, for wheels of special strength and wear resistance, we used an aluminum alloy of 100% quality. Therefore, in a collision, the wheels can get a slight deformation, and not a significant breakdown. With monoblocks wheels, you will be sure of any situation on the road.

Further, we took care of the modern design and beautiful shapes. The concave rims profile combines beauty, strength, and power. Therefore, it is very popular. In addition, an individual wheel model has different parameters. This applies to the width of the wheel, as well as the diameter. For this reason, the weight of each set of wheels may vary.

Our company paid special attention to the individual character. You order wheels specifically for your car, given its most important data: model, make, repair work and year of manufacture. Thanks to this, we do not repeat ourselves and create unique rims sets.

FT4 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • One piece in construction (1-piece wheels)
  • Variation in diameter selection from 17 to 22 inches
  • Options for making wheels from 7.5 to 12 inches’ wide

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