FT3 SL2 Bonapart Forged wheels

FT3 SL2 designer Step Lip Concave wheels

Designer Step Lip Concave is the key to the most comfortable ride. In everyday life, there is often a lack of confidence in the future. Because roads are always dangerous. You never know how a car will behave in a given situation. During rain, the wheels slip more and the steering is not so easy. The same goes for snow and winter precipitation.

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Now is the time to forget wheels. Only with them are drivers able to overcome any obstacles. Bonaparte technologists have embodied all the advanced qualities in this product. Firstly, this model is lightweight. This is due to the fact that during production it is possible to adjust the thickness of the wheel and its diameter. And yet, due to this bonus, the car works more efficiently.

Concave forged wheels are made from super strong aircraft aluminum. Which once again confirms the incredible superiority of this configuration. By installing a set of wheels, everything will fall into place. We will forget about discomfort and danger. Because now management has become the safest and most reliable. In addition, it is worth saying that this product passes a large number of tests. And only the strongest enter the market.

FT3 SL2 designer Step Lip Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece configuration with innovative design.
  • FT3 SL2 with a diameter of 18-22.
  • 8-13 wide configuration.

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