FT3 SL Bonapart Forged wheels

FT3 SL Step Lip Concave best forged wheels

The best forged wheels come in handy. Sometimes car owners have the feeling that something is missing. The car is still fresh, powerful, everything suits. But there are some points that I want to change. For example, add a little piquancy and sharpness to the design. Of course, we know that a lot of motorists love tuning. They install turbines, pump the engine, make cool suspensions. But even this does not always change the design as a whole.

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What then to do? That's what. Try to buy new forged aluminum wheels. Then your car will sparkle with completely new colors. Because the carved profile and cool concavity is the most relevant trend. Yes, these models are now very popular with drivers because, on the one hand, they look pretty simple and strict. And on the other hand, they have a touch of modernity and unusualness.

You also need to know that these custom wheels are significantly different from others. Engineers make them from a special aluminum alloy. It is so reliable and stable that it can withstand the influence of any factors. Strong blows, high temperatures - all of them for nothing!

Strength is one of the main advantages. You will already experience a full range of benefits in personal practice FT3 SL. And there is no need to talk about the minuses. Because no one has discovered them yet. After all, technology and craftsmanship justify the result.

Give the car the best feeling. And you too will experience the most wonderful emotions from driving. Rims can turn your mind about the car! Notice the details and turn them into a good idea. Your car will be a good example for everyone. This is what we should strive for.

FT3 SL Step Lip Concave best forged wheels: Specifications

  • What is the design of these rims? Of course, 2-piece.
  • You can make a diameter of 18-22 inches.
  • Forged aluminum wheels of any width. Mostly between 8-13.
  • ARP is already built into each configuration. Various formats at your discretion and the particular kit.

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