3D model wheels: Take a closer look

How to see the quality of production and take a closer look at the concave profile of this model? This can be done on the site right now. A three-dimensional wheel model is available for you. You can scroll it through all 360 degrees, studying it as needed. The mouse wheel will help you scroll the visualization and adjust the scale.

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If this image size is not enough for you, use the full-screen viewing function. Perhaps this option will make acquaintance with the wheel model more comfortable.

FT3 Monoblock

FT3 Monoblock is an element not only for beauty but also for an excellent ride on your favorite car. Why is it so important to carefully and wisely select the wheels? In fact, this is extremely important, because how your car will feel in action depends on them.

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The car rims of this one-piece model are very good. For production, we use only the highest grade raw materials, namely aviation aluminum. Such wheels withstand any technical test and fully comply with the standards of technological quality.

Monoblocks wheels, among other things, are also incredibly attractive. The main emphasis of the design is concentrated in the concave profile. Bends, lines, and transitions create a beautiful shape. This model is truly perfect and developed in the best version of design and functionality.

You will also be pleased with the fact that each set of wheels is an original work. We produce wheels in accordance with your requests and wishes on request. Color, shape, specifications - we will take into account all the important parameters. Of course, do not forget to indicate the car model and its make, as well as the year of manufacture of the car model.

FT3 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • Single design
  • Diameter 17-22 inches
  • Width 7.5-12 inches

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