3D model wheels: Take a closer look

The FT3 XC can be taken a closer look right now. Thanks to three-dimensional visualization, you will be able to see everything with your own eyes. Yes, this model demonstrates the basic characteristics of the wheels. The color and format of the coating may vary. Because each set is an individual and original work. However, we always maintain the basic properties.

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3D model wheels are available for viewing in different modes. Near the wheel, you will see virtual buttons. Click on them to rotate the picture or to switch to viewing in full screen. You also have the opportunity to control it with a computer mouse. Work with the picture on any scale as you want.

FT3 Xtreme Concave (FT3 XC)

The FT3 Xtreme Concave will show you what beauty and engineering technology is. We do not doubt that you will appreciate them. The first thing to see is their profile. Concavity and unique shapes of knitting needles are combined in a single design. The wheels consist of a central part and a rim. Therefore, depending on the model of the car, we can slightly change the characteristics.

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In general, the main thing on wheels is not the external aspect. Although it makes fundamental changes to the overall image of the car. Of course, in a good sense of the word. The most important thing is its technical parameters. Modern forged aluminum forging techniques offer enormous potential for concave forged wheels.

No matter what happens, they will remain intact. We tried to give this model special strength. This quality will undoubtedly be appreciated by everyone who likes to drive fast and sharply. Each set of wheels is not repeatable. Because Bonapart creates the original rims.

FT3 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • Perfect 2-piece model
  • Bonapart produces wheels in standard diameters of 18-22 inches
  • Wheel widths typically range from 8 inches to 13
  • The FT3 Xtreme Concave is not just wheels. They have an ARP function. Choose your type: open, closed or 50/50

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