FT2 Gray & Red

FT2 SL2 step lip concave luxury designer rims

Luxury designer rims drive crazy car owners around the world. Surely, you want to transform your car. Of course, for some people, it is just a vehicle. Every day, go to work, to meet friends, to nature. And with the easy decision of smart technologists, a car can be a luxury. You just need to pick the right new rims. This can be done when you know something about them.

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In the first place, custom wheels fight on the block with their appeal. Brilliant work: beautiful shapes and carved lines, perfect shape. The combination of small elements creates an extraordinary overall picture. Thus, the car turns into a luxurious thing. Which I want to use and admire.

An important point is that, concave forged wheels in aircraft aluminum. If you have already heard about this material, you know about its properties. Strength, durability and more. So this configuration is incomparable.

FT2 SL2 step lip concave luxury designer rims: Specifications

  • Step lip concave wheels 2-piece standard configuration.
  • Diameter 18-22 inches.
  • Normal width step lip concave wheels 8-13.
  • ARP with this function, control becomes comfortable.

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