3D model wheels: Take a closer look

FT2 SL can be of the most different variations. At the heart of all rims, there are basic characteristics, and they correspond to the declared model. Some design details differ due to the individual approach to production. For you, there is a special picture in a three-dimensional format. Here you have the opportunity to examine in detail all the nuances.

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Together with 3D model wheels, we can just quickly see the wheels closer or further away. Such work with the image will help you make the purchase more correctly and choose the best model.

FT2 SL step lip concave luxury car wheels

There were no barriers to luxury car wheels. How many times have you changed wheels for a car? If you had any good options, you would not be able to change him. That is why Bonaprat created such unique wheels. We have not heard a single negative review of our product. All because its characteristics comply with all high standards.

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We are always pleased to see how many car owners choose our company. These step lip concave wheels show an excellent level of production technology. At each stage, our engineers take the most necessary steps to produce the best rims. Do you already know something about aviation aluminum alloy? It is the most popular and reliable material in the production of wheels.

That is why all the concave forged wheels our team of engineers produces from it. Because we want all drivers to be satisfied. It is very cool when you can feel comfortable on the road. In any situation, rims help you to overcome difficulties every day.

In addition to all of the above, you can not leave aside their very cool design. Pay attention: there is nothing superfluous. Only a laconic form and a carved profile with a special concavity. The most fashionable and relevant option for this season.

FT2 SL luxury car wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece model made of durable material (aircraft aluminum).
  • The diameter usually ranges from 18 to 22.
  • Custom wheels are 8-13 inches wide.
  • ARP Different specifications depending on the specific model.

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