FT2 White & Hina Performance

FT2 Performance

FT2 Performance is the perfect solution. These wheels look great along with any car model. Engineers and designers always set a goal to make each car a better model. Tastes of buyers diverge. And so the masters have to guess their demand and desires before. These discs embody versatility.

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They will fit into the overall image of a sports car. Or vice versa, the discs will approach the design of a conservative and restrained nature. Because in them all the details are made in the best performance. Precise forging and carved bends, as well as special ornaments, are visible on each part of the performance wheels.

We can say that this model shows an original idea. In addition, their functionality will lead you into a real delight. Why? Because nothing compares with them in terms of strength and resistance to external factors. All power lies in the special forging technology. And also the quality of the source material plays a role.

Bonapart uses aircraft-grade aluminum to produce the disks of this model. This alloy is 100% leader among all others. Therefore, the wheels perform so well while riding. Your car gets extra shock protection.

FT2 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • All wheels of this configuration 2- piece
  • Different wheelsets have a diameter of 18-22 inches
  • 8-13 inches wide
  • FT2 Performance also has a special hardware option. This option is available in several variations: hidden, open and mixed.

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