FT2 Gray & Red

FT2 Xtreme Concave (FT2 XC)

The FT2 Xtreme Concave surpasses the expectations of everyone who chooses their favor. Of course, how can you get past such stylish wheels? As soon as you see them, you don’t want to part with them. The special concavity of the profile and carved forms give the impression of sophistication and excellent taste. And if you pick cool colors and type of coating, then you can make the most fashionable option.

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Behind such beauty is the enormous work of engineers. It consists not only in the design solution but also in the modern technology of forging wheels. We manufacture wheels and test them for different technical specifications. This allows us to give you the perfect product. Concave forged wheels are designed to complement the car and make it more powerful.

After installing their aviation aluminum discs from Bonapart, you will be happy. Easy driving, excellent work of all mechanisms, short braking. And that's not all. With this model, the car will withstand the blows of any strength and complexity.

FT2 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece design model
  • Standard diameters from 18 inches to 22
  • The FT2 Xtreme Concave has a width of 8 inches or more. Maximum width of 13 inches
  • The wheel model has a special ARP function. Such hardware is open, hidden or mixed (depending on the specific specification)

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