3D model wheels: Take a closer look

In order to see forged wheels, you do not need to spend time on the road to the store. Because our site already has special visualization. You are lucky because you can work with her as you like. Try to adjust the scale and watch the product in the most convenient. By the way, the picture can be brought as close as possible. So not a single important detail escapes your attention.

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3D model wheels is a good opportunity to make sure of a quality product. You will clearly see the composite structure, the number of spokes and the location of the main design details. All lines and bends are fully consistent with the real product. The only moment, some elements may still have some differences.

FS3 SL2 step lip concave luxury alloy wheels

What do luxury alloy wheels mean to you? As a manufacturer, we can say that this is an incomparable work of craftsmen and engineers. At the heart of manufacturing there are many secrets. And we will voice some of them now. For example, this is the raw material itself. There is nothing stronger than aviation aluminum. The fiber structure after forging gives rims inimitable stamina. In cold winters and hot summers they pass all tests.

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Each batch is also individually tested. FS3 SL2 goes on sale and is in the hands of customers only after 100% successful passage of the test. So our company gets the confidence that you will get only the benefits of using the product. By the way. Still, these disks lend themselves very well to recovery manipulations. In case of deformation, each car owner is able to bring them into the desired shape independently or in the service.

A deformation of concave forged wheels can occur during an accident or a strong blow. It should be noted that something more is always behind a cool design. And you will see this.

FS3 SL2 step lip concave luxury alloy wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece (rim and core).
  • Width: We mainly produce rims from 8 to 13 inches.
  • Diameter ranges from 18 to 22 inches.
  • A special function for monitoring work. ARP for step lip concave wheels, experts select it according to the configuration characteristics.

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