FS3 SL Bonapart Forged wheels

FS3 SL step lip concave forged aluminum alloy wheels

Forged aluminum alloy wheels collect the looks of passers-by and drivers. Do you know why this is happening? Because this beautiful design always catches people. Each of us appreciates the beauty and sees it in our way. For one person, this is ease and simplicity. And for the other, on the contrary, a large number of details in one whole. At its core, this configuration has become the epitome of an ideal solution. All the people can find it what they like.

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These custom wheels have a concise design. Thin knitting needles form a peculiar amazing pattern. When the wheels spin, the spokes create a beautiful plexus. Besides, it is impossible not to notice the concave profile. It is always a highlight of any configuration. Because today it is a fashion trend. And this trend will continue for more than one year.

Most drivers choose concave forged wheels for other reasons. Firstly, this configuration is leading in strength to all other competitive wheels. Shock-resistant aluminum holds back any external influences. This is especially important in emergencies. Because drives are responsible for your safety.

Speaking about other advantages of step lip concave wheels, you can list them endlessly. In any case, you can understand this in practice. Install a new set of discs and try them on trips. You will be very comfortable and pleasant to drive a car. And this is noticed by all car owners who have already bought wheels from Bonapart. Wheels create the right accents. Therefore, you cannot neglect them.

FS3 SL forged aluminum alloy wheels: Specifications

  • Stylish 2-piece construction
  • Diameter variability from 18 inches to 22
  • The width ща this model usually has a certain range. This is usually 8-13 inches.
  • FS3 SL has a special ARP function. Each model can have this option open, hidden and mixed.

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