FS3 Performance Bonapart Forged wheels

FS3 Performance

FS3 Performance is very popular. This model of wheels perfectly shows itself in practice. They don’t have any ride. And we know that many car owners love to show tricks and daring maneuvers. Therefore, you want to emphasize your steel character and determination. Bonapart did it 100%.

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Pay attention to strong design. Such a configuration would be a super solution. A car of any class, model and brand deserve to look perfect. And these wheels will be able to give attractiveness to every car. But what is hidden behind the fashion design? Behind a beautiful outer shell is quality and high technology.

Have you ever thought about how wheels affect a car? And by the way, this is a very important point. Performance wheels improve the entire dynamics and impact resistance of the car. So, they increase the safety of daily trips. In addition, after installing the wheels, you feel light and comfortable to drive.

If you care about the functioning of the car and want to make it better, then these wheels are for you. You will radically change the visual image of the car and make others look up to you. And to be an example of the style is cool.

FS3 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • These wheels are designed in 2 parts.
  • The model is made of high-quality aluminum
  • Diameter reaches 18 - 22 inches
  • Width FS3 Performance can be from 8 to 13 inches
  • Hidden, open or mixed type ARP option

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