FS3 Concave Center Bonapart Forged wheels

FS3 Xtreme Concave

The FS3 Xtreme Concave (FF6 XC) is really in high demand. Riding is an adventure in which there are many dangers and difficult situations. But this does not stop motorists. Therefore, everyone likes high speed, the roar of turbines and the creak of rubber on the road. So much driving experience brings the car.

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Together with this model of wheels, you will receive even more impressions and strong sensations. A special profile with concavity is the most stylish solution for this season. In addition, you can play with colors and embody a variety of combinations. The style and unity of ideas are what you will see in concave forged wheels.

Wheel quality comes first. Our company produces rims from high-grade aluminum. This aviation aluminum forged performs its tasks perfectly. Such wheels will withstand any test on the road.

FS3 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • The wheel model has a 2-piece configuration
  • Width has a minimum setting of 8 inches and a maximum of 13
  • The FS3 Xtreme Concave is available in 18-22-inch diameter
  • The wheels also have the ARP option. It can be open, hidden and mixed (depending on configuration)

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