Forged Wheels FS2 Xtreme Concave

FS2 Xtreme Concave

FS2 Xtreme Concave (FF6 XC) - premium quality model. If you need wheels that have a unique design, then the model is definitely for you. If you have ever seen such discs on another car, you most likely noticed their beauty. The concave profile is now the most stylish solution. It is suitable for you if you adhere to a modern style.

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The whole secret of external aesthetics lies in the design details and in the structural elements. These wheels consist of two parts: the center and the rim. Therefore, we can adjust their parameters from standard values. Thus, you can get the wheels lighter in weight. And for your car, it will only be beneficial.

Of course, a lot depends on the material of manufacture. Therefore, we use aviation aluminum at the heart of concave forged wheels’ production. High-quality coating, hardness, and strength will be provided. Since at the moment it is the best forged for wheels.

FS2 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • -piece model
  • Diameter 18-22 inches
  • Width 8-13 inches
  • We equip FS2 Xtreme Concave with a special ARP option (open, hidden, 50/50)

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