3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Concave forged wheels need a solid, well-thought-out solution. Before the most successful purchase, you need to know how the product looks. Therefore, now you have the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes. This model of wheels meets all the basic characteristics. Typical rims width, diameter, and other parameters. Use the image for a detailed view. You have no limits. Therefore, you can safely work in three-dimensional space.

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3D model wheels - clear evidence. The picture 100% reliably shows all the advantages of this configuration. It is worth remembering that the design is always different. Especially the color. Since this issue is resolved with each client separately.

FS2 SL2 step lip concave alloy wheels

Alloy wheels still conquer with their perfection. Our masters did their best. And thanks to their work, now you can enjoy the most powerful and powerful rims.

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It is important to note that this product is an example of quality. Indeed, the new kit will last you a long time. The thing is that we use aviation aluminum alloy in production. This metal does not allow the product to break and be brittle.

In the first place, the FS2 SL2 will delight you with its excellent design. You will see how many patterns can be found on this profile. And while the car is moving, beauty becomes even more noticeable. Because the high rims rotational speed makes the weaving of knitting needles even more mysterious and elusive.

In other words, step lip concave wheels cannot be called a regular series. The line of this product in a sense has elements of the classics. And on the other hand, it looks cool with the most modern solutions. Never before has a manufacturer been able to declare its leadership position. Today we do it. Because the choice of products is more diverse than ever. Before buying, consult a specialist. Steep rims have been waiting for you. You get an extremely stylish product for a car.

FS2 SL2 step lip concave alloy wheels: Specification

  • Robust configuration with a 2-piece design
  • The average diameter is 18-22 inches
  • Width is calculated for parameters 8-13
  • Choose forged wheels with a convenient built-in function. APR device for car control.

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