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FS2 SL Step Lip Concave luxury forged wheels

Luxury forged wheels will not let you down under any circumstances. Ride in the snow, rain, strong wind. These weather conditions will not affect the quality of the ride. Because now you have the most durable wheels. This series has a big advantage. Firstly, here you can adjust the weight of the wheel. The composite structure can be lighter due to its small diameter.

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Forged aluminum wheels have earned the title of the most reliable product thanks to their durable material. The company uses a special aluminum alloy. As well as special forging technology. It makes metal fibrous and gives it special durability. Therefore, the discs withstand both frost and sultry heat.

Custom wheels please not only quality. In addition to the technical side, they are beautiful in appearance. Thin knitting needles, graceful core. And you will appreciate the special neckline that Bonaparte loves so much.

Try concave forged wheels. You are sure to make sure that these are high-end wheels. No driver has ever had negative reviews. Because technology and craftsmanship are doing their job.

FS2 SL Step Lip Concave luxury forged wheels: Specifications

  • Classic Model 2-piece
  • Diameter Standards ranging from 18 inches to 22
  • The main parameters of the width of the wheels are 8 - 13 inches
  • FS2 SL has a special ARP option. It can be 50 to 50, open or hidden. We select focusing on a specific model.

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