FS2 white & hina

FS2 Performance

FS2 Performance rightfully takes its rightful place in our collection. We can safely call her as one of the leaders. Many car owners choose this particular set of wheels. Why is he so attractive? A lot of things.

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At a minimum, it is worth saying how good its production characteristics are. Super durable and incredibly reliable. Even during aggressive driving, they will maintain safety and comfort. Besides, you will be surprised at the ease of driving. And by the way, in any weather conditions.

These wheels received a high level of manufacturability due to excellent production. We use aviation aluminum. It is  pure alloy that gives performance wheels a special strength. These discs will withstand any blow. Whether it's a collision with a curb or an accidental collision with another car. Your wheels will not suffer.

What about the design? Yes, there’s nothing to say. You see everything on visualization. This is the real embodiment of subtle taste and aesthetics. Carved lines, smooth curves and an elegant profile. What could be more perfect? Such a design will satisfy the tastes of all car owners. Because the wheels show your style.

FS2 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • The design of the wheels is made of 2 parts. These are forged wheels
  • We manufacture wheel models in diameters from 18 to 22 inches
  • The width of each wheel has a border of 8 to 13 inches
  • FS2 Performance has a closed, open or mixed ARP option

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