3D model wheels: Take a closer look

We have created a convenient visualization for you. Here you can consider all the nuances and design details. Also, this model realistically demonstrates the design. You can zoom in or out. View the wheel in a mode that is comfortable for you. You have the ability to flexibly control the visualization of a wheel model with a computer mouse.

FS2 Monoblock

FS2 Monoblock is an advanced model. Do you want to see discs that embody originality? Or are you looking for a model with an interesting design? Then this configuration is right for you. These wheels will be the perfect solution when you are looking for a combination of quality and visual appeal. The thing is that Bonapart takes care of the technical characteristics of its products.

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What are the clear advantages of this model? Of great importance are the design and manufacturing technology. This model has no components. The monoblocks wheels is based on a single structural part. This method of manufacturing wheels makes them quite light. Besides, you can use a thinner diameter or, conversely, a little wider. It depends on what characteristics you want to see in the final product.

By the way, we make all wheels to order. Therefore, your car will receive an individual set of rims. Believe us, with this model of wheels you will always be happy with riding even long distances and in bad weather conditions. Besides, these wheels show themselves as a reliable assistant to your car. They do not break even in a strong collision. Maximum, it can slightly deform. But this is easy to fix on your own.

FS2 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • 1 component in forged construction
  • Diameter options from 17 to 22 inches
  • Wheel widths can range from 7.5 inches. The maximum width is 12 inches.

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