3D model wheels: Take a closer look

3D model wheels are the new features of our time. Why go to the company office? This is not at all necessary. When the client is still at the stage of getting to know the product, you need to make it convenient. Our team took care of this. Therefore, without leaving your home, you can go to the site and see a three-dimensional model of the wheel. This model is quite true. Open the image on the full screen. Look at the wheel above and below.

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To see all the threads and features of the custom wheels’ profile, zoom in. In any case, we can accurately evaluate this product. Remember one thing. When ordering, we form an individual offer. Therefore, the color and type of coating of the wheels have a different appearance.

FQ1 SL2 step lip concave luxury custom rims

Luxury custom rims are a true work of art. Because at first glance they cause only admiration. All motorists want to admire their cars. Therefore, they pay great attention to their color, technical condition, and tuning. But you can change the look of the car for the better much faster. Buy discs from Bonapart.

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Step lip concave wheels can be safely called the technology of the future. Because they have everything. Material strength, high standard of production and brand. The popularity of these wheels just rolls over. Indeed, riding with them is always good: in winter and summer. There is no reason to choose other rims.

FQ1 SL2 meets all the requirements and preferences of customers. For all car owners, it is important to become the owner of the best product. For the car, you need to select proven goods. You will like our rims!

FQ1 SL2 step lip concave luxury custom rims: Specifications

  • Unrivaled Laconic 2-piece Design.
  • Typical Diameter Sizes 18-22.
  • Width of concave forged wheels from 8 to 13 inches.
  • There is an ARP. Specify details regarding the type of this function when ordering.

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