FQ1 SL Bonapart Forged wheels

FQ1 SL step lip concave car wheels

Car wheels are not quite simple and ordinary. This is one of the progressive developments of the car building industry. In general, it is worth mentioning the importance of this mechanism. After all, tires are just as important as an automobile device as an internal combustion engine. If there is no first or second, cars will not be able to drive and somehow function. It is on these two pillars that the whole system rests.

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But the engine is one, and custom wheels as many as 4 pieces! They should always be given great attention. Each wheel is beautiful and functional in its way. The whole team worked for a long time to create a universal design. At the same time, it looks boring, but rather very bright and unusual. And the point is not even in bright color and some sharp details. Not at all. We just know how to place emphasis and work with the design.

For concave forged wheels, proper use is very important. Because each set must be selected exclusively in a special order. This method allows you to successfully implement a variety of solutions. From various combinations of colors and shades and the choice of different types of coatings. Both contrasts and vice versa look very good in similar colors.

And besides, you will be incredibly pleased with the excellent endurance of all wheels. These products show their effectiveness in all technical tests. Therefore, in everyday life, you can use the FQ1 SL every day and enjoy the operation. Forget about the difficulties and weather conditions. Now all trips are comfortable!

FQ1 SL car wheels: Specifications

  • Aluminum construction with stylish design. 2-piece.
  • Rims with a width of 8 inches. The highest value is 13 inches.
  • Diameter step lip concave wheels in 18 - 22 inches.
  • ARP system.

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