3D model wheels: Take a closer look

How to get to know the wheels of this configuration as soon as possible? You can carefully consider three-dimensional visualization. Thanks to her, you will see all the small moments and all the parameters of the wheel from all sides. So, you will see the wheel quite realistically.

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A computer mouse will help you manage visualization. Scroll the mouse wheel forward or backward to move the model closer or further. So you can qualitatively inspect the wheel. In addition, there is a full-screen viewing function. Turn it on by pressing the button on the screen to the left of the wheel model.

FQ1 Monoblock

FQ1 Monoblock is an essence of high technology and excellent quality visualization. How does high technology fit in this product? Very simple. We embody all skill in our wheels and create a unique product. We value quality and therefore, in the manufacture of this model of wheels we place a special emphasis on the concavity. This profile looks very bold and strong.

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Yes, these wheels really have a bright design and a cool profile. But that's not all. This set of discs will be able to restrain the gift and collision of any strength and intensity. Because monoblocks wheels are made of alloy aluminum aircraft. Also, this model does not have components but consists of one monolithic structure.

Due to this, we can design discs with various parameters: diameter and width. By the way, these wheels weigh a little less. Therefore, you will feel a tangible difference when you go on a trip by car with new wheels. Higher power, light braking, and pleasant driving. All these nice bonuses will definitely be yours.

FQ1 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • Unified structure
  • It is possible to choose a diameter with parameters of 17-22 inches
  • The width of different trim levels ranges from 7.5 to 12 inches

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