FQ1 Concave Center Bonapart Forged wheels

FQ1 Xtreme Concave (FQ1 XC)

The FQ1 Xtreme Concave is the next-generation model. These wheels have special technical characteristics. Before they go on sale, they undergo numerous technical tests. On impact resistance, on speed and dynamics, on pressure. Therefore, in practice, they are 100% tender.

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Still, wheels are not a very simple element of car decor. Of course, who can resist such a modern and stylish concave profile? These wheels will improve the appearance of the car. Their main concern is functionality. Concave forged wheels provide a smooth and powerful ride. Also, the wheels affect braking and inertia.

Also, the key to the quality of this model is raw materials. Bonapart creates wheels and uses aviation aluminum for this. And this metal is considered one of the best for production. Therefore, you do not doubt to order an individual set of wheels for yourself. You will be delighted as soon as you install them.

FQ1 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece configuration made of high-quality aviation aluminum alloy
  • Diameter 18-22 inches (standard parameters)
  • Width 8-13 inches (depending on the specific model)
  • The FQ1 Xtreme Concave has an excellent optional ARP option. It can be open, hidden or 50/50

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