3D model wheels: Take a closer look

What will help you choose concave forged wheels? That's right, only a close acquaintance with them. This opportunity has become a reality. It is good that we go along with time and modern technologies. For you, the team has created a very detailed visualization. With it, you do not need to go directly to production. Because this image greatly simplifies the buying process.

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3D model wheels are a practical copy of the real configuration. There are no significant differences in it. You see the same rim and center of the wheel. The number of spokes also matches the declared model. The remaining points should be discussed at the time of order. Since they are made based on an individual approach.

FM8 SL2 step lip concave luxury custom alloy wheels

After meeting luxury custom alloy wheels, you will no longer want to watch something else. Do you know, why? Firstly, these wheels are sales leaders and this is the most frequent choice of customers. It is worth saying that this model undoubtedly attracts with external data. It doesn’t matter which car you have: a sports car or more in the style of a classic. Since the wheels look concisely on the background of all cars. This is their versatility.

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Step lip concave wheels can change your car experience 360 ​​degrees. Undoubtedly, rims set a special character. They become the final style in creating a stylish look. On the road, the car will always look possible and invincible.

When you choose the FM8 SL2, you will never be mistaken. What is more important for you: only beauty or exceptional functionality? If both are, then the solution is obvious. Buy this aircraft aluminum model.

FM8 SL2 luxury custom alloy wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece configuration with updated profile
  • Diameter 18-22
  • Standard width custom wheels 8 - 13 inches
  • The best system of additional control.

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