3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Forged wheels are the best solution for every driver. And of course, you want to be sure of this product. Therefore, for you, our team has prepared this three-dimensional visualization. Take a look at the picture. The wheel looks the same as in life. We have saved all the parameters to present them. The wheel can be reduced or increased. To do this, pay attention to the buttons on the left of your screen. A computer mouse is also useful.

3D models wheels show all the technical specifications. The only thing, some design details may vary. Since we always have individual orders. However, all the products are retaining factory characteristics.

FM8 SL step lip concave aluminum custom wheels

Aluminum custom wheels are now at their peak. They are not inferior to any other model on all fronts. For example, they have a special plus. It is a reliable aluminum. Its technology has its secrets. You need to know one thing. It is now the best material for making wheels. And you can not argue with this when you see evidence in practice.

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Concave forged wheels unwittingly receive great praise from car owners. Because this configuration is good for everyone. She is beautiful and graceful. At the same time, you can see some aggressiveness and strength in it in a good way. Just what you need. It is this character that creates personality. Each kit has its additional chips in the design. The base design remains the same.

Stepped concave wheels fit easily into your car. This addition will not be superfluous and will always emphasize strengths. An opportunity to show everyone their benefits. Time to be the best right now. Give your car the best qualities. Bonapart rims offer you a wide range of possibilities! And these opportunities only accompany your success.

FM8 SL step lip concave aluminum custom wheels: SPECIFICATIONS

  • Ultra-hard 2-piece rims.
  • Wide choice of diameter 18-22 inches.
  • The fist boarder of width is 8; the maximum is 13.

FM8 SL has additional system. This hardware can be in three variations. Indicate the type of this function when you want to get a unique kit. Experts will tell you a more suitable option.

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