3D model wheels: Take a closer look

You agree it would be great to know everything in advance. See the wheels before buying and see them live. For this, you do not need to go anywhere. The visualization of the wheels is already in front of you. It is very convenient to scroll in different directions. Forward, backward, closer or further - as you want.

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3D model wheels allow you to see everything with your own eyes. In visualization, we retained the basic characteristics of the base model. However, they may differ from the kit that you order.

FM8 Performance

FM8 Performance forces drivers to make their own choice. No, this is completely voluntary. Because this model has a large number of advantages. Why exactly these wheels? You look at their appearance. You will not see a single flaw. And all these thanks to the painstaking work and professionalism of the engineers of our company.

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Carving, main lines are saved in all models. But we can change some parameters and visual details at your request. There are also various color options. Decide on a color scheme yourself or consult our expert.

Of course, style and sophistication is the first thing that the eyes see. But besides the beauty, these performance wheels are super quality. It manifests itself in everything: in dynamic rotation, optimal tire pressure and wears resistance. This high level of reliability is obtained thanks to a special wheel forging technique. And also when using the best raw materials - aviation aluminum.

Pure metal alloy helps the wheels meet all high standards and show the highest quality. Therefore, you have every reason to order an individual set of wheels. We will come up with an individual solution for you to emphasize the uniqueness.

FM8 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • Two-piece forged wheels (core and rim)
  • It is possible to make a diameter of 18-22 inches
  • Width 8-13 inches
  • FM8 Performance has a special hardware system. The system has several types: open, hidden and mixed.

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