3D model wheels: Take a closer look

For simplicity and convenience of acquaintance with this model of wheels, we have made this volumetric model for you. This visualization visualizes the wheel, showing it from all sides. You can view it to the smallest detail in three-dimensional space. Zoom in or out with a computer mouse.

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If you are uncomfortable watching a model of a stake in this format, then change the mode. Just switch this view mode and change its full-screen mode. You can turn the wheel up, down and sideways.

FM8 Monoblock

The FM8 Monoblock is always becoming a vibrant and indispensable piece. What is the secret of the popularity of this model? The thing is the skill of our designers, technologists, as well as the quality of production. We use the highest standards of production. In addition, each wheel of this model is verified to rigorous technical testing. Such an approach to product quality ensures its endurance and wear resistance.

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A car is often endangered on the road. And the wheels should serve as the main assistant in the safety of movement on busy highways. The main difference in this model is the design features. It has no parts. That is, the wheel is made of a monolithic alloy of aircraft aluminum. This material is famous for its special strength.

Monoblocks wheels are not just tech. These wheels are a true creation of the modern design. This is one of the most stylish models that many motorists choose. Of course, how can one get past such a steep concave profile? This laconic form and structure will drive everyone crazy.

In addition, you will always stand out. After all, the wheels will be made exclusively for your car. So it will be a unique design, color, and shape. Everything is exactly as you want.

FM8 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • Aviation aluminum construction (one-piece)
  • Minimum diameter 17 inches, maximum 22 inches
  • The minimum rims width is 7.5 inches, the maximum is 12 inches

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