FM8 White&blue

FM8 Xtreme Concave (FM8 XC)

FM8 Xtreme Concave is a partner for life. The most reliable and most faithful. This model shows the refined taste of its owner. Although a vehicle is a vehicle, it can also be made recognizable and stylish. This is exactly what it will become after installing this model of disks.

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A stylish concave profile adds sophistication and a touch of classic. Because nothing compares with the shape, color, original lines and light bends. Rims emphasize inner strength and determination. And it is also important for a powerful and fast car.

Concave forged wheels - long-term operation and impeccable appearance. They are not prone to breakage and cracking. The maximum that can be obtained is a slight deformation in a very strong collision. In difficult emergencies, the rims of this model keep themselves reliable. Therefore, your car has a greater degree of protection against shock.

Choose these wheels. Aviation aluminum guarantees you impact resistance and over endurance. This configuration is the best combination of technology and beauty.

FM8 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece model (consists of a center part and a rim)
  • Wheel Width 8-13 inches
  • Diameter available in 18-22 inch values
  • FM8 Xtreme Concave with ARP option: 50/50, open or hidden

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