3D model wheels: Take a closer look

3D model wheels shows reliable performance. If you come to our factory, you will not find differences. Because this visualization is a complete reflection of the actual properties. View the wheel as best you can. Perhaps after viewing you will have questions. Then they can be asked to the consultant.

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To see the FM3 SL2 in detail, use a computer mouse. With its help it is possible to adjust the remoteness and proximity of the image. Moreover, you can open the configuration in full screen format. Be carefull. Some details tend to be different. Because the final option is always negotiated with the client separately.

FM3 SL2 step lip concave designer wheels

Designer wheels will never be redundant. And yet, you can not make a mistake with them. Their choice is always the most correct for any car. If you are a fan of classic options, then this model is for you. It is worth saying that for fans of cutting-edge trends, this configuration is also suitable. Because her design is timeless.

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The professional team worked for a long time to create concave forged wheels. But the result is worth the effort. We must not forget about all the nuances that are in design. A lot of patterns and carvings. Beautiful heptagons loom in the center of the disk. The unusual shape and profile are striking in their ease and ease.

Each set of step lip concave wheels is a piece of art. And we are not just creating a beautiful picture. Aviation aluminum rims are the best on the market. The team does not stop testing all products in production. So the best copies are created. And you can enjoy using IDs.

FM3 SL2 designer wheels: Specifications

  • Very Strong 2-piece Package.
  • We produce this model with a diameter of 18-22 inches.
  • The configuration has a width of 8 inches to 13.
  • Custom wheels with an accompanying control function. Easy to use ARP.

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