FM3 Concave Center Bonapart Forged wheels

FM3 SL step lip concave american forged wheels

American forged wheels always deserve attention. They cannot be overlooked. When the driver faces a choice, he 100% decides in their favor. Moreover, this is done immediately. What else do you need to think about? Everything is already clear. Just pay attention to this perfection. In other words, these wheels simply cannot be called. Wherever you look, everything is perfect.

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Every line, every bend, rounded shapes. And the design perfectly blends smooth transitions and sharp corners. This contrasting performance looks very advantageous with concave forged wheels. Besides, the greatest beauty is hidden in a concave profile. He is the favorite of all drivers this season. And we are sure that this model will be in demand for several more seasons for sure.

What exactly does this configuration have? This is well-thought-out manufacturing technology. The fibrous structure of aluminum will endow the product with special properties. This configuration is super durable and durable. With her, you can feel confident every day. Forged wheels do just fine with any task. And they perfectly show it on technical testing.

We can say for sure that this model is an essence of style and reliability. It is in it that all the basic qualities that the wheels should possess converge. Your car will also appreciate this purchase. Because his ride will improve several times.

FM3 SL step lip concave american forged wheels: Specifications

  • Perfect 2-piece design
  • Possibility to pick up a diameter for a wheel from 18 to 22 inches
  • The width of the model originates from 8 inches and ends at 13
  • The advantage of the ARP system. The option has a different format (it depends on the exact kit FM3 SL)

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