FM3 Performance Bonapart Forged wheels

FM3 Performance

FM3 Performance can rightfully be considered an example. In any case, there are leaders, but there are followers. So thanks to these wheels you will be the standard of style. Because this product deserves a lot of attention. Indeed, a lot of work needs to be done to combine such design and technology.

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Our company managed to do this very successfully. Therefore, today you can safely make a choice in favor of this configuration. She has no flaws. This applies to both the external component and the main characteristics. Such wheels behave well in operation. What is the reason for this? Firstly, the model is based on 2 details: the core and the rim. Their characteristics can be changed for a specific car.

Therefore, in performance wheels, the weight, width, and diameter of the wheels are different. And this improves the dynamics of the car and its response to driver commands. After installing a set of such disks, the management will be more clear. And the second factor is the quality of the raw materials. Still, aviation aluminum is not just considered the best material.

That is why car owners trust us and choose this particular model. By the way, we can develop the main and additional design elements specifically for you. So your car will definitely receive a portion of attention from you and others. And you will find comfort and pleasure while traveling.

FM3 Performance wheels: Specifications

  • The basic characteristics of a set of wheels differ depending on the specific car model
  • Wheels have a standard diameter of 18 to 22 inches inclusive
  • The rims width can be between 8-13 inches

In addition, FM3 Performance is equipped with a special hardware system. ARP can be open, hidden or 50/50

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