3D model wheels: Take a closer look

In order to get to know this wheel model more conveniently and as realistically as possible, visualization in three-dimensional space is available for you. How is it useful to you? Before placing an order, you can have a good look at the wheel from all sides.

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For example, with the mouse wheel, you can move the model back and forth, enlarge or reduce the picture. At the same time, in functional mode, the wheel can be viewed at 360 degrees. If you prefer regular image mode, turn off the rendering format.

Then you will have special icons on the left side of the screen. With their help, you will be able to switch the image.

FM3 Monoblock

Strong cars need the FM3 Monoblock. This model will become a unique detail of an elegant car. Also, this model is perfect for daring and bold cars. One cannot but agree that every car trip is full of dangers. Inexperienced drivers, busy traffic, a large flow of cars. Even utmost care can fail. Therefore, you need something that will in any situation give you a guarantee of security.

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Our wheels are always distinguished by the highest possible threshold of resistance to impact and damage. In monoblocks wheels, we have embodied not only an excellent technical component. This is a very interesting solution from a visual point of view. The concave profile looks more harmonious than ever. Such wheels, although unique, are universal at the same time.

A car of any style and design will go well with such wheels. In addition, the development and manufacturing technology provide several advantages. For example, this is a nice difference in fuel consumption. You will be surprised, but rims really help to use fuel more practical. The reason for this is the lightweight of this model of wheels.

FM3 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • The unified aluminum construction of better quality
  • Diameter selection from the minimum value (17 inches) to maximum (22 inches)
  • Width selection from lowest value (7.5 inches) to highest (12 inches)

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