3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Do you want to meet FM3 XC now? You have such an opportunity. Look at the visualization of the wheels. They are presented on a standard scale. But you can also open the image in full screen. To do this, use the virtual buttons next to the rims image. After you open the image in full screen, you will see buttons on the left. Use them for easy control.

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3D model wheels show the most basic parameters. Color, some design details tend to be excellent. Because we produce custom wheels. So not a single model is repeated and has its originality.

FM3 Xtreme Concave (FM3 XC)

FM3 Xtreme Concave excite the imagination of all motorists. To some extent, we all love beauty. But it is expressed in its way. If you want to be original, then this model you will like. What does she have? What other wheels do not have? The advantages of this set of wheels will not leave you indifferent to them.

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First of all, you took care of the exterior design. We did not miss anything and did not leave unnecessary details. Everything in these rims looks perfect. Unique shapes and concave profile, special bends. These wheels deserve to be part of your car. This equipment will fill the gaps in the classic design.

Concave forged wheels are not inferior in technical characteristics to other models. They successfully pass all types of technical testing. Therefore, we checked their quality in practice. And now you can feel the advantages of this configuration. Install rims and test them. You have no idea how much the nature of the ride will change.

Be open to the best changes! The car will thank you.

FM3 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece design (core and rim)
  • Diameter 18-22 inches
  • FM3Xtreme Concave Width 8-13 inches
  • ARP option. The hardware we can perform open, hidden or mixed type.

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