FM2 SL2 Bonapart Forged wheels

FM2 SL2 step lip concave designer alloy wheels

What should designer alloy wheels look like? The way they do it now. Today, the tastes of car owners can be very different. Some people like invincible classics and simplicity. Others prefer the most unusual designs with an emphasis on modernism. It is worth noting that in both cases you keep up with the times. Especially when choosing products from Bonaparte. You come to the right place and make the most profitable purchase.

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Together with concave forged wheels, you keep up to date. Because our team took into account all the features and fashion trends. Who doesn't like a concave profile? Everyone simply adores him for his incomparable presentation and unusual rigor. Relying on your taste and skill of professionals, you can pick up a very cool kit. Concerning an individual order, that is always the product we produce according to the characteristics of the car.

Nevertheless, even a beautiful shell has something more. These step lip concave wheels have enormous potential. It is revealed during operation. With regular use of this model, we will notice a special strength. Because the product consists of aviation aluminum. And this is the strongest guarantee of reliable operation of the car in any conditions on the road.

FM2 SL2 designer alloy wheels: Specifications

  • Strong construction with 2-piece package.
  • Variable diameter 18-22 (in inches).
  • Width 8-13.
  • Order custom wheels with an additional control device. ARP of a different profile (3 options).

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