FM2 Step Lip Bonapart Forged wheels

FM2 SL step lip concave car rims

Car rims cannot be called a minor detail. Because it is the foundation. Try to imagine how a car could move without wheels? No way. Therefore, rims are not inferior in importance to the engine itself. After all, they both provide uninterrupted operation of the car while driving and parking. And yet, it is the wheels that create the final handwriting in the overall design.

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Today you met one of the most ideal models. Concave forged wheels are particularly resistant to wear and aggressive collision with external factors. For example, when driving on a high curb or in an accidental collision with another car. Such discs always remain intact, regardless of the impact force. This is made possible by using excellent aluminum. It's alloy equipping the wheels with all the necessary properties.

And also our craftsmen apply a special production method. Thanks to special forging, the metal acquires a fiber structure. This is what guarantees the high quality of the product. These characteristics are inherent in all models of this configuration. The only thing that may be differences in external design. Since in production, engineers focus individually on the client.

If you do not have enough drive and agility, then replace the old rims with new ones! You have the opportunity to purchase FM2 SL as standard, and with adjustments to your taste (color, coating).

FM2 SL step lip concave car rims: Specifications

  • Step lip concave wheels consist of a rim and a center (2-piece).
  • The configuration has a diameter of 18 to 22 inches.
  • Width always goes beyond 8 inches to 13.
  • Also, each model has ARP. Its format is determined by the specific model of the wheel.

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