FM2 Performance Bonapart Forged wheels

FM2 Performance

FM2 Performance clearly shows that there is no limit to perfection. Before the advent of this model, we believed that we had already created the perfect wheels. But actually, here they are. Already more perfect and reliable. Our technologists and engineers have worked hard for a long time to create something new and high-quality. And they were able to realize all the skills in this particular model of wheels.

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The new design does not compare with anything. These wheels are very light and comfortable. The model itself consists of a central part and a rim. That is, it has a composite structure. This design method allows you to vary the parameters of the wheels. And it is very convenient for cars of different models.

At the same time, raw materials have a special role. It determines how long your wheels will last. Aviation aluminum with a bang copes with this task. Therefore, neither snow, nor rain, nor emergency situations interferes with performance wheels. Indeed, such discs are able to withstand the most severe blows.

A separate place should be given to the design. Looking at this model, there is simply nothing to complain about. Each bend and special carving attracts the eye. The plate and the central profile look very harmonious and show an excellent combination of details.

FM2 Performance wheels: Specifications

All wheels are subject to individual order with specific parameters:

  • You can select a diameter of 18 or 22 inches, as well as values ​​within these limits
  • FM2 Performance wheels’ width is made in parameters from 8 to 13 inches

Also, each set of wheels has an ARP system of open or closed type, as well as mixed

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