3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Consider the FM2XC model right now. Here is a visual visualization of standard wheels. You can watch the wheels in the usual format or full screen. Then you will have special icons on the left side of the screen.

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Control the picture, use the wheel and buttons of the computer mouse. You have all 360 degrees to see the wheels on a good scale. 3D model wheels has all the important characteristics of rims. You need to take into account the factor that with individual orders the wheels are different from each other. There may be a difference in the design elements, color, and also the width and diameter of the wheels.

FM2 Xtreme Concave (FM2 XC)

The FM2 Xtreme Concave surpasses many of the models on the market. This is super quality and super design in one product. And today this can be seen quite rarely. Bonapart tried to reunite these aspects in the wheels of this model. We took into account all new fashion trends and modern production technologies. Therefore, we managed to create stylish wheels with a strong character.

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The concave profile is rightfully in first place in popularity. Because it demonstrates the strength, subtlety, and aesthetics of bends. And contrasting color combinations give an even greater effect of style. Such a design causes a storm of bright emotions! And what will you feel already while driving a car! This is beyond words.

Concave forged wheels have the highest technical characteristics. Because we use modern methods of testing and forging wheels. And the best of the best samples are entering the market. Also, all wheels of this configuration are made of aircraft aluminum. So, they are incredibly durable and shockproof.

We have done everything possible so that you can appreciate the quality of this product. Do not miss the opportunity to give your car a style and character. We will feel how much will change after buying wheels. And these changes will benefit the car!

FM2 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece configuration
  • Diameter 18-22 inches
  • Width 8-13 inches
  • FM2 Xtreme Concave with ARP option. Choose the most suitable type of hardware: 50/50, open or hidden.

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