3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Use the 3D model wheels. Visual visualization perfectly helps to navigate the purchase. Move the wheel with the mouse. It is not surprising that. After viewing the image, our customers decide to buy a product. Because there is no longer any need to come and see the goods in person. A large selection of viewing scale allows you to work closer or further away with the model.

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Step lip concave wheels look even better in life. Moreover, the design is completely different. We combine various color schemes and advises not to be shy about bold ideas. All options are strictly individual.

FM10 SL2 step lip concave luxury custom wheels

Luxury custom wheels have all the benefits. Before such a purchase, you should always pay attention to several things. Firstly, ka horses look. Will they fit in with your car or will stand out too much. Secondly, what will change in the functioning of all vehicle systems. Fuel consumption may change, braking will improve and the load will decrease. It is in this that there are pluses of the presented model.

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Wonderful custom wheels of all kinds are the most resilient. This property becomes especially useful in all kinds of collisions. Other discs immediately crack and cannot be restored. And this configuration is not subject to breakdowns. Thanks to a special forging method, they gain flexibility. That is, they will withstand any kind of load and specific impacts.

After buying concave forged wheels you won’t think of exchanging for less. And this choice is worthy of applause. Compare your feelings. With a naked eye, it will become clear that this configuration is a clear leader. Both in technical parameters and external data.

FM10 SL2 step lip concave luxury custom wheels: Specifications

  • Special profile with a 2-piece design.
  • Diameter 18-22.
  • FM10 SL2 in standard width 8-13.
  • Super ARP Control System.

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