FM10 white&blue SL

FM10 SL step lip concave bespoke wheels

Who chooses bespoke wheels? Those who already know about our excellent quality. First of all, car owners care about the operation of the wheels. Of course, why spend money on bad wheels that break and crack? On the market, manufacturers sometimes even release such instances that do not pass elementary testing.

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This is not about our company at all. On sale, you will see only selected products that have shown high test results. And this means that step lip concave wheels are more than 100% sure to behave in difficult conditions. There is nothing more important on the road than safety. And these discs never break.

What else can be said about such a model? We can claim that they have one of the most successful designs. After all, drivers love when everything is done clearly and harmoniously. No roughness or flaws. Only delicate ornaments and beautiful interweaving of knitting needles combined with an incredible profile. FM10 SL can also be played with coating colors.

FM10 SL step lip concave bespoke wheels: Specifications

  • The diameter is from 18 to 23 inches. These are standard parameters.
  • The wheels have a width of at least 8 and no more than 13 inches.
  • Forged wheels easily fit the car and benefit from it along with ARP. This feature is built-in. But it has several types.

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