3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Use the wheel visualization to become more familiar with the model. The format of three-dimensional space is what you need to really look at the wheel. Everything is convenient here. To control the enlargement and reduction of the image, use the wheel of the computer mouse. You are not limited in movement and you can scroll the wheel as you want.

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We also made a function of full-screen viewing. Switch to this mode by pressing a special button on the screen to the left of the wheel visualization.

FM10 Monoblock

FM10 Monoblock shows the highest level of quality in practice. Wherever you are going to go, you will feel exceptional comfort and enjoy driving. Why does this rims model so affect the course of the car and the operation of mechanisms? The whole secret lies in a special design.

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These discs do not have any parts or parts. Each wheel is made of an alloy of durable aircraft aluminum. Thanks to a special method of manufacturing and forging discs, we can create their bottom various variable models. Different diameters, different wheel widths - all this makes it possible to lighten the weight of monoblocks wheels.

And you, most likely, already know that the weight of the wheel determines many aspects of the car. The lighter the wheel, the more generally the car behaves better while driving. Brakes work better, fuel is consumed more economically. Also, the car responds faster to your commands.

In addition to high productivity, your car gets a super addition to the design. What could be more stylish than a particularly concave profile? Today it is one of the fashion trends. Moreover, you get an individual version of the model specifically for a car of a specific model and specification.

FM10 Monoblock wheels: Specifications

  • One-piece aluminum construction
  • It is made in different diameters: from 17 to 2 inches
  • Made in width with a minimum value of 7.5 inches and a maximum value of 22 inches

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