FM10 White&hina XC

FM10 Xtreme Concave (FM10 XC)

FM10 Xtreme Concave can be called an indispensable part of the car. Not all car owners pay attention to wheels. They believe that this is just another additional detail. And it does not affect anything. But this is not so. Experienced drivers know what we are talking about. Wheels are the business card of any car owner. They show what attention you give the car.

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The disks of this model are suitable for any style. Because their concave profile and shape can skillfully emphasize strengths. We can realize any color scheme and make the disc cover to your taste. This configuration always remains among the most fashionable and sought after. Therefore, the purchase of concave forged wheels, in any case, will be advantageous.

What else can be said about these wheels? Their parameters and specifications are perfect. Accurate dynamics, excellent resistance, and endurance. They will serve you for a long time. And yet, they do not face damage. Such discs can only deform slightly in extreme collisions.

This model receives power and strength from high-quality raw materials. This is aviation aluminum. Add to this the skill and professionalism of engineers. And we get perfect wheels.

FM10 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • Aviation aluminum 2-piece design
  • Diameter 18-22 inches
  • Standard FM10 Xtreme Concave Widths from 8 to 13 inches
  • Availability of ARP hardware. It can be 50/50, open or hidden

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