3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Look at forged wheels from the comfort of your home. This familiarization before purchase will be enough. Because this wheel is very realistic shows everything you need. All design elements and components. You will see the rim and the very central part. To see the product even better, turn on full-screen mode. You can switch the scale using the buttons. They are located to the left of the wheel.

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3D model wheels are the most affordable way to understand a product. Because three-dimensional space will allow you to examine it from each position. You can also adjust the location of the object: closer or further. Choose your format yourself and work with the picture in a suitable range.

FM1 SL2 step lip concave lightweight aluminum wheels

Lightweight aluminum wheels have all the best features. Besides, they also positively affect the functioning of the car. Yes, did you know that rims are the same important mechanism? Like an engine. And also their operation creates favorable conditions during the ride. For example, a smoother inertial stroke. You will no longer feel any sudden movements.

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Choosing concave forged wheels, you choose a better future. Indeed, every day with the new kit will be completely different. Travel safety is increased several times. Aviation aluminum gives this model tremendous strength and resistance to wear. Therefore, in difficult and dangerous moments, you will feel the reliability.

It may seem that step lip concave wheels are just a decoration. But this is fundamentally not so. You will understand this when you try to exploit them. Besides cool color and carved design, they will give you unsurpassed quality and comfort. And precisely for this, all drivers will never exchange this model for any other.

FM1 SL2 step lip concave lightweight aluminum wheels: Specifications

  • Cool rims with a 2-piece design.
  • Wide diameter 18-22 inches.
  • The base width starts at 8 inches. Maybe up to 13 inches.
  • FM1 SL2 with ARP. The most convenient management solution.

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