3D model wheels: Take a closer look

What do you need for convenience? First of all, the opportunity to see the wheels immediately without coming to the office. By the way, right now in front of you is 3D model wheels. So now you can safely view the wheel from all sides. The virtual specification is in no way inferior to the real model. Therefore, this familiarization may be sufficient before purchase.

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Try working with the image. For example, turn it left or right. Or zoom out and zoom in. We have provided all the options for user comfort. Therefore, custom wheels can be viewed from all angles. And even in big screen mode. In any case, the picture may have some discrepancies with the individual order.

FM1 SL step lip concave luxury wheels

Luxury wheels are always on the lookout for your comfort. Very often, while traveling, you feel something. Management is not at all what you dreamed about. The car sometimes does not listen to you so quickly. And the design bothered you last year. Now is the time to change something. It is unlikely that you will repaint the car or change the type of coating.

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Now you can just play with the details. For example, with concave forged wheels. Indeed, with different wheels, the car looks very different. With one set - simple and expressionless. And with the other - cheeky and bright. It is this image that our wheels create. Just look at their carved bends and knitting needles! These lines lie in a beautiful ornament.

Design is just the tip of the iceberg. Because behind it lies high power and performance. We get it using a special method of forging wheels and aluminum of premium quality. Step lip concave wheels will receive your approval after 1 trip.

FM1 SL step lip concave luxury wheels: Specifications

  • Diameter varies from 18 inches. Maximum value - 22 inches.
  • Tires are at least 8 inches wide and at most 13 inches’ wide.
  • FM1 SL with hardware. The type of ARP depends on the model you choose.

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