3D model wheels: Take a closer look

Buying and choosing wheels is an important activity. And far from the first time, car owners can choose the right set of discs. In order to make your choice conscious and confident, we presented the wheels in the form of three-dimensional visualization. Here you have every chance to see small details and get acquainted with the design of the wheels.

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3D model wheels can be scrolled up, down, back and forth. And also consider at any scale, even in full-screen mode.

FM1 Performance

FM1 Performance creates a complete image of the car. Today you can’t call a car only a luxury. Because without it, our life is deprived of comfort. But with these wheels, you can call your car luxurious. Because now it is not just a vehicle. This is the whole embodiment of a design idea.

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What is a beauty? Aesthetics are always hidden in a common goal and in detail. Disks of this configuration combine a bold character. The concave profile stands out especially against the general background. This unique carving, thin lines, and a generally successful look. There is nothing superfluous. And at the same time, you feel complete.

Fashionable design is not the main plus. Yes, of course, design plays a special role. But performance wheels must first perform their basic functions. And this is to support the car while driving and protect it from shock. Aviation aluminum makes the wheel construction more than 100% reliable. In any trip, you will remain confidential.

So, you will conquer any distances and the most difficult roads. In the end, the car should attract attention and be your pride. With wheels from Bonapart, your car will be admired.

FM1 Performance wheels: Specifications

The wheels of this configuration have the best characteristics:

  • Discs have a forged composite structure of 2 parts
  • Diameter options from 18 to 22 inches inclusive
  • The width of FM1 Performance wheels has parameters from 8 to 13 inches
  • There is a hardware option: open, hidden or 50/50

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