3D model wheels: Take a closer look

The choice of an individual set of wheels requires special attention. Therefore, it is better to start a good look at the model for a future purchase. To see the FM1 XC closer to you will help visualization in three-dimensional space.

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How does she manage? Easily. The image size, as well as viewing angles, you can easily adjust with a computer mouse. And in full-screen viewing on the left of the screen, you will see special buttons. Click on them to enter or exit the full-screen format.

3D model wheels repeat the most important technical and aesthetic characteristics of a standard model. Individual production of wheels may cause some deviations.

FM1 Xtreme Concave (FM1 XC)

The FM1 Xtreme Concave (FM1 XC) is the right choice for brave drivers. The design of the wheels shows your character and desire to be the best. And what can emphasize individuality best? Of course a concave profile. We are sure that more than one season these wheels will be sales leaders. And this is not casual. There are no flaws in the original style. Every detail speaks of perfect aesthetics.

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In addition to aesthetics and visual style, the wheels have excellent operating parameters. Firstly, Bonapart makes them from aircraft aluminum. And this is the number one raw material for creating durable and resistant concave forged wheels. The quality of the wheels has a strong effect on the mechanisms of the entire car.

This configuration improves the braking speed and helps to drive the car more deftly and skillfully. With these rims, you will truly have fun when you drive. So, the time spent on the road will always be comfortable and enjoyable.

FM1 Xtreme Concave wheels: Specifications

  • 2-piece wheel models
  • Diameter 18-22
  • The width of the FM1 Xtreme Concave (FM1 XC) can vary between 8 and 13 inches
  • Availability of the ARP system. The option has an open, hidden or mixed type.

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