FF6 SL2 Concave Center Bonapart Forged wheels

FF6 SL2 step lip concave best car rims

The best car rims have a lot of advantages. What is most interesting, then there is no need to talk about the cons. The thing is that this configuration has the most perfect potential. And he is always revealed in action. It's one thing when you just look at the wheels in the window. And a completely different story is the use of the product in practice.

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At this moment you experience the whole gamut of feelings and emotions. First step lip concave wheels will first surprise you with their visual appeal. You have never seen such a variety. A huge number of knitting needles and weaves, clear shapes and smooth transitions. All this creates a single concept. And it is she who makes your style unique.

The FF6 SL2 is based on aviation aluminum. Therefore, all rims have special properties in terms of strength and resistance to impact. Get ready for new travels. They will become even more interesting and comfortable than before. With each rotation of the rims, you will feel great potential. Embark on a pus with pleasure. After all, now your car is the most stylish and fashionable!

FF6 SL2 step lip concave best car rims: Specifications

  • All wheels have a 2-piece profile.
  • Diameter 18-22 inches.
  • Width 8-13. Depends on the properties of each configuration.

Is there an ARP? Yes. For concave forged wheels, you can set one of three types of functions.

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